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out of 2 sessions minimum hosted by IETD.

out of 2 sessions minimum hosted by CASE.




Claiming Your Certificate

  • Watch our workshops you can access here, we require You to watch at least 2 sessions from the workshops hosted by IETD, and another 2 sessions from workshops hosted by CASE.  We will also kindly asks You to fill the Post-Event Survey before the claim button available to You.

  • Visit this page.

  • Press Claim.

  • A window will pop up, which allows you to print or save the certificate.

  • If You want to print the certificate, you can click Print.

  • You can also save the certificate digitally into your computer drive, you can click on the Destination field, and choose "Save as PDF", and click Save.

  • Currently Certificate is being prepared. Please come back later.

Please contact us through email ( or the site's live chat system if there are any inquiries.

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